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Very Funny Jokes

Robert Green Football Jokes 2010

Before he got into football, Robert Green was a bus driver. But he got fired because he couldn’t make any stops.

* Why is Robert Green like ITV HD? They both switch off at the crucial moment.

* Yesterday at London Zoo one of the staff let a a Central American monkey slip out of his grasp. So Robert Green’s not the only English keeper to drop a Howler.

* What does Robert Green do after winning the World Cup? Drops his controller.

* Robert Green has just been refused a Savings Account in his Local Bank

* At least that’s one British spillage the Americans won’t be moaning about…

* All these Rob Green jokes are getting out of hand…In fact they’re crossing the line

* Kermit was right: It’s not easy being Green.

* The England lads had a get-together after the game and bought Robert Green a drink to commiserate. He spilled it.

* Steven Gerrard said: “The whole team is behind Rob Green.” With hindsight, that’s a good place to stand.

* My computer’s got the Robert Green virus. It can’t save anything.