Earthquake Jokes sms:

Breaking News: An earthquake measuring 0.0 magnitude has just hit New York!

The World Is At An End!


Going to have to cancel my trip to Christchurch next wee, it looks as if my accommodation has fallen through.


Unless I can stay with a couple of flat mates.


I thought I’d show my kiwi mate a bit of sympathy, so I told him that I’d once suffered a terrible quake tragedy.

I’d been on the final level when I’d run out of bazooka shells and those flying skulls got me.


Look like the United States government is going to hold a concert for the quake victims, they have signed up an unknown local boy band to headline the gig.


New blocks on the kid.


A school building is collapsed in New Zealand today…


I wonder what lesson is aftermath?


A spokesman in Christchurch New Zealand has said that he “deeply regrets ordering the large shake with his McDonald’s at lunchtime”.


I know how those poor people in Christchurch must be feeling. After 25 Aftershocks I can’t find my house either.


I celebrated my 21st in New Zealand yesterday.


I got massive Birthday quake.


Why aren’t the New Zealanders upset at their Earthquake?


Cause all the sheep are vibrating.


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