Some jokes on Catherine  (Kate) Middleton and Prince William after Royal Wedding:

Job Vacancy: Driver – to commence employment Spring/Summer 2011

* Familiarity with Mercedes-Benz S280 model desirable.

* Allowed complimentary drinks when on duty.

* Familiarity with Paris’s road tunnels not desirable.

CV’s to: HM the Queen, Buckingham Palace, London, UK.


Authorities are said to be concerned after noticing that Prince Philip has recently opened a Barclays Saving Account under the title “Princess Kate Memorial Fountain.”


Kat Middleton nip slip – bikini –¬† photos and jokes

If I were Kate Middleton I’d take that ring to Mount Doom.


Kate Middleton gets coat of arms…

Was it a gift from Lady GaGa?


Breaking News: The Queen is reluctant for the wedding service to be held at St. Pauls Cathedral due to concerns about assassination attempts on Kate Middleton.

Source close to the Queen say she is worried there aren’t enough sniper points available.


The Dartford Tunnel was closed for four hours today while staff searched for Kate Middleton’s engagement ring which she had accidentally thrown out of the car window.

Ms Middleton said later. “I was driving through the tunnel, when the car pulled slightly to the left & I just panicked.”